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Open positions


UE5 programmer/technical designer


3D character artist

game producer


Interested? Please reach out at or via LinkedIn

[You will be joining a small team in the preproduction of a 3rd-person RPG using UE5, for the period February-June (with the possibility of extension). All jobs are remote & freelance-based for the time being. Provable experience is required. Appreciation of arthouse cinema is a plus!


Scroll down for detailed info on each role!]



  • UE5 programmer/technical designer


  • Pre-requisites:
  • – Solid experience with UE4/5
  • – Excellent knowledge of UE Blueprints
  • – Familiarity with all main aspects of game development inside UE (gameplay, UI, animation, save systems etc.)
  • – C++ is a plus, but not necessary


  • Tasks:
  • – Prototype & implement new game mechanics using Blueprints.
  • – Programm NPC AI functionality.
  • – Script sequences inside game levels.
  • – Work on and adjust already existing locomotion system (3rd-person)
  • – Help optimise the game.



  • Animator


  • Pre-requisites:
  • – Experience with cleaning Mocap data
  • – Experience with implementing custom animations inside UE4/5
  • – Experience working on a 3rd person project is a plus
  • – Experience working with Metahumans is a plus


  • Tasks:
  • – Experiment with different solutions and help establish our go-to animation workflow.
  • – Create animation using mocap & AI-to-animation software.
  • – Clean-up mocap animation.
  • – Import & retarget animation inside UE, import animations in already existing locomotion system



  • 3D character artist


  • Pre-requisites:
  • – Experience with the full workflow of creating realistic characters
  • – Experience working with digital fashion software like Marvellous Designer is a plus
  • – Experience working with Metahumans is a plus


  • Tasks:
  • – Create 2 new realistic characters.
  • – Try different solutions & help establishing workflow for digital clothes creation.



  • Game producer


  • Pre-requisites:
  • – Work experience, from start to launch on at least 1 title with a 10+ team
  • – Experience with console development is a plus.


  • Tasks:
  • – Establish project management workflows for preproduction
  • – Manage team


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